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Slope reinforcement


Pressure injection cementation has deserved its right to be the most effective and efficient method of slope reinforcement nowadays. The most up-to-date pattern of slope stability calculation is used within the framework of this method of soil reinforcement measures. This way of slope reinforcement specifies formation of separate reinforced areas, a kind of “stability isles”, which will guarantee overall stability of the whole territory subject to reinforcement. This method is significantly time and cost saving, as only most hazardous zones are reinforced but not all soil of the object. Besides, the method under consideration is frequently used along with erosion-preventive materials, which makes it even more efficient. Owing to it, landslides today can be fixed much more easily and cost-effectively.


Peculiarities of soil compaction on “open” slopes

Open areas at the bottom of retaining facilities, walls and slopes are compacted according to the general principles of injection cementation, but with the account of some peculiarities detected in the course of geological survey of the given area. Such specific parameters of cementation implementation as the penetration depth of injectors into the soil must be estimated on the basis of the results of the engineering survey. Penetration of injectors on slopes must be deeper than in loose soils. This procedure prevents the hazard of landslide occurrences, and considerably fortifies the soil increasing its mechanical and physical properties.

Injection results in:

  • increased strength of soils on landslide areas;
  • intergrowth of unstable soils with bed rocks through injectors.

Slope reinforcement

Early fixation of unstable surface is crucial in prevention of landslides on slopes. For this purpose we can apply various modern methods, the most popular of which is pressure injection cementation based on estimation of soil advanced stability provision. The main distinguishing feature of this method is locality of its application, when we reinforce only those parts of the slope, which are characterized by insufficient stability. Extra hard reinforcement bars are used here in order to provide proper slope fixation and prevent potential rockslides. This method can be combined with other measures, like erosion-preventive materials, which prevents erosion occurrences in soils of a given area. Such specific measures on slope stabilization allow saving expenses and time for their implementation. All this determines undisputable advantages of the method on slope reinforcement.

This method of slope reinforcement was tested many times on the territory of the Northern Caucasus and different parts of Kuban, and proved to be efficient and widespread method of stabilization of unstable areas.

What is the procedure of soil compaction on open areas of slopes?

Method of cement injection is the most widespread and reliable method of modern soil compaction on open areas of slopes. This conclusion is based on the data of engineering and geological investigations. Injectors are inserted to the estimated depth optimal for achieving the best result of reinforcement. Thus, the hazard of landslide occurrences is eliminated. Slopes with loose soils or soils lack of strength are fixed with the use of special injectors installed at significant depths for achievement of the best result of cementation. After such reinforcement measures the properties of landslide soils become similar to the properties of local bed rocks. The so called intergrowth of reinforced soils and bed rocks takes place on the site along with overall increase in the strength properties of soils.

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