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Soil reinforcement

Укрепление грунтовWhen launching construction of a new building or reconstruction of an old one you first and foremost need a secure base for the foundation.

“GEOSTROY HOLDING” provides a new innovative method on soil reinforcement under foundations of buildings and structures. This is the method of pressure injection cementation. Due to our method the customer achieves considerable cost saving, high quality work in compliance with the design documentation and technical regulations, as well as shorter construction period as cementation is performed at the same time with the erection of the structure.


       This is a method applying injection technologies for improvement of strength conditions of soils underlying foundations.

The procedure of pressure injection cementation cannot be used in all cases as high pressure injection of cement grout into the soil is only needed when the soil is loose or very soft. Though even in this case engineering-geological estimation is also required. It allows drawing out required parameters of the future foundation site. The estimation covers calculation of total injection spots, distance between them, and the injection depth. 

Prior to inserting necessary equipment for the purposes assigned we need to drill a borehole. For that we use small-size drilling rigs. As soon as the site is ready we come to inserting of injectors, which will stay there for good. These injectors serve as vertically installed reinforcement bars.

The idea of the procedure it to inject the required amount of grout through these injectors. The grout is made from regular cement and various additives. As a rule, it depends on the geological composition of the soil and its properties. Within the range of 2 meters the grout will fill all cavities and fractures in the earth. The created pressure compacts loose soil thoroughly making it harder and more secure. This procedure creates a reinforcement frame, which will serve a firm foundation. Thus, an injector is a simple load-bearing element.

Bottom soils reinforcement procedure:

I - Preparatory works: calculations and clearing the site.

II - Arrangement of protecting cast-in-place wall as a kind of a screen.

III - At last, arrangement of a firmly reinforced soil body underlying the foundation plate. It is necessary for equal precipitation distribution.

Objectives solved by the method of cementation:

  • reinforcement of weak soils, including backfill soils;
  • elimination of subsidence and karst hazard at the basement of buildings and structures;
  • decrease in seismicity of the site;
  • water inflow suppression and arrangement of curtain grouting;
  • bank protection;
  • reinforcement of landslide slopes;

“GEOSTROY HOLDING” is known as a highly qualified professional company able for prompt solutions of specified tasks.

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