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The following are the most common and acute problems in the process of construction of buildings and facilities:

  • urban development is too compact forcing to implement works even in soils, which considered unsuitable for construction purposes;
  • oversize buildings and structures, exceeding in the number of storeys, application of too heavy construction structures and decorative elements cause excessive loads on the foundation;
  • construction under complicated conditions of engineering-geological properties, like weathered soils, suffusion, karsting, which result in hyperpermeability of soils to ground waters, and overcompressibility
  • structural instability of soils – heaving, swelling, subsiding.


Nowadays efficient reinforcement of foundations based on most modern technical solutions proved to be secure and efficient is getting more and more realistic. “Pressure injection cementation” may probably be considered one of the most widespread and effective methods of foundation pier reinforcement. This method is applicable for various piers and soils (technogenic, natural, peaty or wet soils).

These days “Pressure injection cementation” is effectively used in Kuban in reality, but not in equations, and proves its reliability!


When the foundation must be reinforced?

The most required are measures on foundation reinforcement during reconstruction of buildings and structures, or during construction works performed near ramshackle buildings. Foundations are frequently reinforced in the case of settlement or fractures in the stratum detected. Foundations can be reinforced both for a particular structure, and for the purposes of additional construction on it.

Foundation pier reinforcement procedure

Reinforcement based on the principle of foundation bottom enlargement is the most common. In this case we consider the saturation rate of soils both at the bottom level, and at the higher levels. First we clear the foundation earth around it, then install reinforcement bars, and fill the perimeter with concrete.

Soil cementation is effective, too. It can considerably simplify the process of foundation reinforcement. This method does not require preclearing of piers from the surrounding earth as the concrete grout is supplied to the foundation under pressure through special flow passages drilled with special drilling rigs.

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