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Foundation repair

Proper basement allows the house to serve several decades of years. Sometimes it counts centuries. We are serious. But still under various conditions the service period can be abruptly ceased. Usually it is caused by fractures in walls and foundation. Such house is not secure for living anymore.

Factors causing fractures

  1. Significant increase in the weight of the building, building extensions, or construction of an attic on the roof. Weak foundation, or a foundation, which is not supposed for such loads, can fracture.
  2. Soils movement. Natural phenomena do not ask us permission to do this or that. In case of disasters everything gets even worse. Changes in compaction and porosity of soils will undoubtedly lead to deformation.
  3. Breakdowns of underground communications. Hot-water pipe can fracture in winter, and discharge hot water onto a frozen foundation.
  4. Ground waters can severely wash out soils during snowmelt season.
  5. Various vibrations from passing vehicles.

Such problems are usually faced during repair works, which frequently lead to reconstruction or restoration of buildings. In general, all works necessary in order to prolong the service life. In the XX century structures were built for centuries. But nobody could account for todays disasters! Every structure is subject to outer and inner factors. That is why modern foundation repair and monitoring of its state are highly critical. In case of fractures injection cementation can be applied.

Foundation reinforcement by the method of pressure injection cementation is characterized by the following advantages:

  • application in most space-limited environments of dense urban development;
  • absence of vibration loads from equipment operation;
  • high operation speed;
  • cost cutting.

“GEOSTROY HOLDINGG” Company provides maximum quality level at all stages of works.

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