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One of the members of LLC “GEOSTROY HOLDING” is design and survey company “Nauchno-technichesky center “SevKavSeismoZaschita” established in 2008. This company is a member of two self-regularoty organizations: NP “KubanStroyIzyskaniya” and SRO “Regional designers’ unity of Kuban”.

The Company develops the following types of designing documentation:

  • design of soil reinforcement at the base of foundation of buildings and structures by the method of “pressure injection cementation”;
  • design of curtain grouting;
  • design of constructive parts of buildings and structures;
  • development of project specific technical specifications for works of geotechnical profile;
  • design of new hydrotechnical facilities and reconstruction of existing ones of II – IV categories;
  • design of marine and river bank protection and inland water bodies;
  • design of landslide and collapse protection facilities (retaining walls and anchor systems);
  • reclamation design of developed quarries.

The Company carries out the following types of survey works:

  • geophysical investigations and seismic microzoning;
  • engineering-geological survey for construction;
  • other types of specific geological works.

Besides “Nauchno-technichesky center “SevKavSeismoZaschita” performes geotechnical monitoring of buildings and structures subjected to soil reinforcement, as well as geotechnical monitoring of hazardous geological processes. The Company is equipped with all necessary devices and software necessary for implementation of these tasks. Construction surveying is carried out at a highest professional level. Our specialists visit emergency objects for observation and development of recommendations both individually and on commissions.

“Nauchno-technichesky center “SevKavSeismoZaschita” has developed many design projects, among which are as follows:

  • Integrated (motor and railway) road Adler – Ske Resort “Alpika-Service”; 2nd railway line on the section st. Adler – st. Imeretinsky Resort – stabilization of a landslide body and arrangement of a retaining wall basement;
  • Logistic Center “X5 Retail Group”, Samara – elimination of karst occurrences, slope reinforcement;
  • Social housing estate, 3 Vorovskogo Street, Sochi; Administrative-trade building (Letter «Щ5») 38a Demokraticheskaya Street, Sochi – bottom soil reinforcement of the building;
  • “Tuapse bulker terminal” (discharge station in the town of Tuapse) – arrangement of curtain grouting, sheet piling of the pit;
  • The bank of the Aphips river (state property of Krasnodar region, Shosseynaya Street, settl. Aphipsky) –soils reinforcement of a landslide slope of the bank;
  • Construction of gas pipeline from settl. Dzuarikau (the Republic of North Ossetia - Alania) to the town of Tskhinvali (the Republic of South Ossetia) – reinforcement of slopes, rockslides, landslides;
  • Multi-storey housing estate “Vremena goda”, 5 Petra Metalnikova Street, Krasnodar – soils reinforcement at the base of foundations of buildings;
  • Surgical building on the territory of the existing hospital, Kirova Street, Sochi – arrangement of curtain grouting protecting from infiltration of ground waters into the ditch during construction;
  • Reconstruction of the right bank dam of Belorechensk HES head end – arrangement of curtain grouting;
  • Office building, 40 Sochinskaya Street, Tuapse – arrangement of curtain grouting, acoustic screen and soils reinforcement at the base of foundations;
  • Quarry “Central” of Veselovsk sand-gravel aggregate deposits near rural district Nizhneshilovsky, Sochi – reclamation of developed quarry;
  • Recreation pond in settlement Zelyonaya Dolina, Krasnodar – design documentation development for construction of an artificial closed recreation pond;
  • Federal State Budget Institution “Sanatorium for employees of the prosecutor’s office “Electronica”, 3 stars category, 333 rooms – development of project specific technical specifications for ground anchors;
  • Housing estate, 18в Vavilova Street, Krasnodar – reinforcement of weak subsiding soils and waterproof improvement of the bottom soils.

If you are searching for a reliable design and survey company, LLC “GEOSTROY HOLDING” is to your service!

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