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Structural inspection

Inspection of premises, buildings and structures covers a whole set of measures on detection of bearing capacity of the major node parts and constructions, as well as assessment of the state of engineering communication lines. The main objective is timely detection of critical defects and damages of any development stage, which in future may cause destruction of the building and emergencies threatening security of people. Structural inspection is carried out in several stages. It includes both visual observation and instrumental measurements. Thus, either a complete structural inspection or a partial one related to one of the elements of the structure is implemented.

Structural inspection consists of the following types of work:

  • Observation of load-bearing and building envelope constructions. This group includes foundations, wall, floors, roofs, etc. This set of works detects the rate of components physical deterioration, which on the whole defines the overall security level of the building.
  • Instrumental measurements of geometric, strength and other parameters of constructions and materials. If necessary samples of materials are collected for laboratory tests.
  • Final stage – visual observations and instrumental measurements are followed by office works. At this stage all data received undergoes processing. The processing results serve basis for calculations and report development. Finally, the current state of the object is described along with recommendations of elimination of the detected problems, which can be directed to the reinforcement of the building itself, or the base of its foundation.

Specialists of “GEOSTROY HOLDINGG” Company perform inspection of buildings and structures in order to detect causes leading to fractures and deformations occurrences in premises, and forecast the security level of the building in future.

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