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Geodetic monitoring and monitoring of structures and settlements

Наблюдение за осадками здания

Maintenance of a building is a long-term period. That is why even at the stage of construction it cannot only change its positioning, but gets deformed. And this leads to fractures in the basement and other damages. Phenomenon of vertical displacement is called settlement. In case of horizontal displacement it is a shear.

Factors for displacement:

  1. Own weight of the structure due to poor soils and underground flow.
  2. Various disasters. Landslides, earthquakes and many others.
  3. Human activity. Works with the use of machinery, traffic of heavy vehicles.


Наблюдение за осадками зданияIn all these cases one has to resort to geodetic monitoring. It covers analysis of all processes related to settlements of buildings for various reasons. The idea of monitoring is to detect deformations occurred, estimate their dynamics, as well as predict further development of processes.

Its purpose is to prevent any force-majeure events. Thus, monitoring prolongs the useful life of the structure. Implemented measures support its steady-state condition. Such observations carried out on a regular basis will demonstrate the security of the underlying foundation along with its stiffness properties.

Geodetic monitoring is mandatory under following conditions:

  • erection of a multi-storey buildings;
  • construction in problematic soil;
  • extremely long useful life of the building;
  • erection of unique objects characterized by heavy weight and unusual properties of construction;
  • laying of underground communications like drainage system, electricity, water supply;
  • urban development in areas occupied by other buildings and structures.


Geodetic observation over settlement of structures is performed with the use of two major gauges:

  • benchmarks (installed in walls or soils, and kept there at the same elevation throughout the whole measurement period; benchmarks must be installed in areas not subject to deformations);
  • array pegs (installed immovable into foundations, walls and columns of buildings; in case of settlement their position is changed).

Our company is specialized in geodetic monitoring of deformations of buildings and structures. Extensive experience allows us to fulfill assignments of various complexity levels with utmost quality.

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