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Subsidence elimination

Subsiding soils with high dryness factor are characterized by porosity, which leads to their significant compaction under interaction with water. In other words, soil settlement is a fast settlement caused by changes in the soil structure due to accumulation of large amount of water in them. Thus, subsiding soils are structurally unstable formations, which change their physical and mechanical characteristics under interaction with outer factors. Loesses and loessey loams are most frequently referred to such soils. Because of large pores in the structure of such soils they are also called “macroporous”.

In some cases subsidence elimination by means of cementation is just indispensable. This procedure implies creation of stiff inclusions made of cement grout in the soil mass. Extra reinforcement of weal soils is resulted from increase of their solidity degree and waterproofing. Injection of cement grout is performed through special injectors installed chequerwise.


Pressure injection cementation for subsidence elimination: economic and technological advantages

  • Selective capacity of the grout allows aiming exclusively at weak porous areas (it makes this method rational and efficient in reinforcing problematic zones in soils).
  • Low cost of the method along with its mobility.
  • Ecological friendliness at the account of application of inert materials.
  • Applicability of the method in any situation due to light state-of-the-art machinery (subsidence elimination by this method is permitted even inside emergency buildings and structures under reconstruction without any risk of collapse).
  • Absence of any load impact on adjacent buildings and structures.
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