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Correction of building tilt

Tilt of a building is a deformation of above allowable level, when its principal axis misaligns from its vertical position. As a rule, this problem is typical of multi-storey buildings. Tilt occurrence rate can be different, and in most cases it is caused by mistakes made at the stage of construction.

The main occurrence factors of this kind of deformation are as follows:

  • uneven settlement of the foundation;
  • many storeys (as the center of gravity is situated too high);
  • construction works near the object;
  • strong winds.

The earlier the problem is detected, the faster and less expensive the tilt can be corrected preventing occurrences of through cracks in the walls and further destruction.

There are different ways of tilt correction. “GEOSTROY HOLDING” Company applies advanced method of pressure injection cementation, which even allows restoration of emergency structures. Reinforcing and stabilizing soils according to this method we create a secure basement in order to prevent recurrence of tilt of buildings and structures.

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