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Hydrotechnical facilities

We fortify hydrotechnical facilities and arrange grouting curtains with high professionalism and quality. We provide experienced specialists, reliability and efficiency guarantee. Wet soils do not hinder our technologies. For that reason we can apply it in hydrotechnical construction. The basis of methods developed by “GEOSTROY HOLDING” lies in extra strength provision to hydrotechnical facilities of various formats – from dams to dikes (of various sizes). Besides we construct reliable grouting curtains, provide specific types of filtration for flows of considerable pressure gradient indexes (as the result, filtration flows calm down).

Another attraction of the method is that the grout composition (cement, concrete stone, plasticizers and different additives), as well as the injection system have not only been estimated in theory, but have been applied in practice many times already.

Suppression of water inflow

Suppression of water inflow is a multiple decrease of ground waters inflow into engineering facilities and underground openings. Major methods here are arrangement of curtain grouting along with rock tamponage method. In both cases pressure injection cementation is widely spread, and our company has applied it many times in order to provide normal construction conditions in pits with wet soils. Another notable fact here is that arrangement of curtain grouting not only improves permeability properties, but also enhances strength and deformation properties, which in its turn provides stability of the pit walls under reinforcement in most cases.

Curtain Grouting – peculiarities and designation

Measures on arrangement of curtain grouting protect the bottom of buildings and structures from penetration of filtration flow. Such measures are especially important for underground hydrotechnical facilities and pits in soils subject to submergence.

Curtain grouting is vertical or inclined barrier located along the whole length of the perimeter of foundation piers (in earth) of buildings or structures. This is a reliable option of protection foundations from destructive impacts of ground flows.


Curtain Grouting – principles of implementation

Specific fillers are injected into soils with the purpose of measures implementation on arrangement of curtain grouting. Special boreholes up to 10-50 m (rarely up to 100 m) are drilled chequerwise around the foundation. The following methods are used for loose soils: clay grouting, silicatization, freezing and bituminous grouting.

Artificial isles – peculiarities of arrangement

The method of pressure injection cementation allows creation of artificial stability isles in aquatoriums.

They are arranged in the following way:

  • immersion of injectors into the soil to the estimated depth (4-7 m);
  • arrangement of a mobile metal casing along the perimeter of injectors dislocation;
  • filling the space with various soils, including coarsely-clastic;
  • soil compaction with alternate supply of cement grout and plasticizers providing special strength of the system from the bottom to the upper level;
  • after complete thickening of the structure and achievement of optimal strength characteristics the casing is removed if necessary.

Our company is equipped with modern design and estimation base in the given sphere, as well as with specialized gauges and experienced personnel. Owing to all these factors we are capable of implementing works on secure protection of hydrotechnical facilities from unfavorable impact of ground waters, and bank protection at a highest professional level.

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