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“Housing estate “PEGAS”, 267 Rossiyskaya Street, Krasnodar, Letters 1, 2, 3”


ООО «КапиталИнвестСтрой»


  • enhancement of strength and deformation characteristics of EGE-4,5 soils at the base of the foundation;
  • balancing of physical and mechanical characteristics of soils at the base of foundations;
  • prevention of settlement of foundations and basements above allowable level.


  1. Reinforcement of EGE-4, 5 soils by the method of pressure injection cementation. Considering the local engineering-geological conditions of the construction site, the foundation soils were reinforced according to the following construction procedure: solid reinforcement with injectors to the given depth by the perforated part of injectors of various lengths.
  2. Drilling of boreholes for injectors was performed from the top elevation of the concrete bedding.
  3. Soil cementation was performed from the top elevation of the foundation plate.

Year of performance: July 2015

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