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“Repair of trunk channel MKE1 PK28 of Abinsk branch FSBI “Kubanmeliovodkhoz Department”




Observation and data analysis detected considerable changes in the geotechnical and hydrodynamical conditions of the foundation soils due to local soil excavation at the bottom of the channel bed and its flanks, which became the main reason for deformation of the banks. These impacts significantly deteriorated the soil properties, and led to the loss in their bearing capacity. With that the right bank collapsed. Forecasting further development of such events considering permanently operating channel as irrigation facility, we can certainly conclude that the bank soils and their basements must be reinforced in terms of compaction and improvement of their bearing capacity.


Cementation of bank soils of trunk channel MK-1 at PK28 enabled enhancement of strength and deformation characteristics of the weak embankment soils of the dam, which prevented development of deformations above allowable level, and provided successful functioning of the facility. The applied method of pressure injection cementation provided:

  • enhancement of strength and deformation characteristics of weak embankment soils;
  • balancing of physical and mechanical characteristics of the dam soils;
  • prevention of suffusion and changes in the hydrodynamical conditions;
  • waterproof enhancement and successful functioning of the facility.

Year of performance: May 2013

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