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“Multi-storey housing estate, Rossiyskaya Street, Krasnodar (Letter 9)”


ООО «Симфония»


  • enhancement of strength and deformation characteristics of EGE-6 and EGE-8 soils at the base of the foundation;
  • balancing of physical and mechanical characteristics of soils at the base of foundations;
  • prevention of settlement of foundations and basements above allowable level by compaction of EGE-6 and EGE-8 soils at the base of the foundation.


A set of measures on transformation of construction soil properties (arrangement of artificial basements). Compaction of EGE-6 and EGE-8 soils by the method of pressure injection cementation. Considering the local engineering-geological conditions of the construction site, the foundation soils were reinforced according to the following construction procedure: solid reinforcement with injectors to the given depth. Drilling was performed from the top elevation of the foundation plate.

Year of performance: September 2014

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