“GEOSTROY HOLDING” is being developed under the guidance of Tagir Akhatovich Lukmanov.

Tagir Akhatovich Lukmanov was born in 1953 in the Ural region for a family of geologists. After graduation from the Miass geological survey technical college in 1973 he worked for the Ural group of construction engineering surveying – UralTISIZ, mainly engaged in development of Western Siberia.
1976-1986 – student, later postgraduate, Geological Department, Lomonosov Moscow State University; defended a postgraduate thesis at the chair of soil science and engineering geology.
1986-1991 - employed for UralTISIZ, engaged in projects in the Ural region and Western Siberia.
В 1991-2003 - employed for commercial organizations in Sverdlovsk and Moscow.
2003-2005 – assistant professor at Anapa branch of RSSU.
С 2005-2008 - employed for the group of companies “Geomassif”.
Present time – Head of LLC “GEOSTROY HOLDING” and LLC “Nauchno-technichesky center “SEVKAVSEISMOZASCHITA”.

Elizaveta Sergeevna Nikitina

Chief Accountant

Tagir Akhatovich Lukmanov

Head of LLC “GEOSTROY HOLDING” and LLC “Nauchno-technichesky center “SEVKAVSEISMOZASCHITA”
Candidate of Geological and Mineralogical Science, Assistant Professor, Honorary surveyor of the Russian Federation, Expert on engineering geology, Qualification certificate of Minstroy of the RF МС-Э-11-1-2605

Dmitry Alekseevich Nosov

Executive Director, LLC “Nauchno-technichesky center “SEVKAVSEISMOZASCHITA”

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