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“Apartment house with built-in shops, 1 Simferopolskoye Highway, Anapa”


  • enhancement of strength and deformation characteristics of weak soils at the base of the foundations;
  • balancing of physical and mechanical characteristics of soils at the base of foundations;
  • stabilization of soils of the foundation, prevention of settlement of foundations and basements above allowable level;
  • enhancement of waterproofing of the foundation soils.


Due to their physical and mechanical properties, including low bearing capacity (deformation module E=5 MPa) EGE-1 soils cannot be used in basements of structures under design. Deformation module (E=13 MPa) of EGE-3 soils is not sufficient either. Such values can result in settlements of buildings above allowable level. Thus for the purpose of a firm reliable foundation under structure the soils used for it must be reinforced so that their bearing capacity is improved. Thickness of the reinforced soil stratum underlying the plate foundation (with vertical reinforcement with nonrecoverable steel injectors) is variable and is equal to the value of up to 4.0 m. With that, as per a set of tests, the values of the deformation module of the reinforced soils were as follows: up to E=12 MPa for EGE-1; up to E-25 MPa for EGE-3.

Year of performance: 2012

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