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“Federal state budget institution “Sanatorium for employees of the prosecutor’s office of the Russian Federation “Electronica”, 3 stars category, 333 rooms, Khosta district”


ЗАО «Автоматизированные системы»


  • enhancement of strength and deformation characteristics of backfill EGE-1 non-packed soils;
  • balancing of physical and mechanical soil characteristics;
  • soil stabilization and prevention of development of settlements above allowable level;
  • waterproofing of bottom soils.


Cementation injected compaction of soils and arrangement of lateral drainage. Reinforcement of soils and arrangement of drainage were performed in 3 stages:

  1. Preparatory works (installation of equipment, preparation of the construction site, production of injectors, etc.).
  2. Arrangement of vertical protection cementation screen along the perimeter of the building.
  3. Arrangement of lateral buried drainage.

Year of performance: 2013

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