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“Redevelopment of quarter № 196 in the central part of Krasnodar. Letter 1”


ООО «Модуль-Инвест»


  • enhancement of strength and deformation characteristics of weak soils at the base of foundations;
  • balancing of physical and mechanical characteristics of soils at the base of foundations;
  • soil stabilization and prevention of development of settlements above allowable level;
  • waterproofing of basement soils.


Reinforcement of soils at the base of the foundation plate by the method of pressure injection cementation. A soil-cement plate at the base of the foundation is created by injection of the design amount of cement grout through special injectors from pipes, dia 32.0x3.2mm. The soil-cement plate was arranged in stages. An annual cycle monitoring of the settlement of the structure was performed, settlement value was equal to 25mm.

Year of performance: 2011

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