Thesis by Lukmanov T.A. about modern construction

Our region distinguishes from other regions of Russia by the variety of hazardous geological processes and difficult soils. Among them is high seismicity with tectonic faults, landslides, submergences, subsiding and swelling soils. On the other hand, all areas with favorable for construction geological conditions have already been developed. This fact explains a large society of geological surveyors in Krasnodar region and their crucial role in the construction industry. In spite of this, from time to time we still observe such ‘Leaning Towers of Pisa’ built carelessly, without any surveying, here and there in the region. First of all, it is the result of mere violence of construction standards and regulations – our SNiPs – Set of Rules and technical guidelines.

Our geotechnical company “Nauchno-technichesky center “SEVKAVSEISMOZASCHITA” not only performs surveying of complicated objects, but develops projects of engineering protection from hazardous geological processes. While our Head company – Engineering Company “GEOSTROY HOLDING” – is always ready to turn these projects into construction.

It is crucial for the progress of modern customers-constructors to transfer to a new maintenance level of buildings and structures relevant to the present day. Modern buildings and structures cannot be compared to the ones built in the past in terms of their scale and loads. For that reason application of SNiPs and SPs (i.e. newly issued SP 47. 13330.2016) related to geotechnical maintenance support is getting more and more important.

Most important factors of buildings and structures during maintenance are their location and condition. In this case primary monitoring methods are remote ones, like aero- and cosmo-infrared camera surveys of wide range and spectrum, as well as geophysical and geodetic methods. We are ready to perform all these up-to-date types of works in order to provide secure maintenance and reliability of your houses and facilities for the merit of Kuban!

Lukmanov T.A. General Director, LLC “GEOSTROY HOLDING”, Candidate of Geological and Mineralogical Science, Assistant Professor, Honorary surveyor of the Russian Federation, Qualification certificate of Minstroy of the RF МС-Э-11-1-2605

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