Article from “Business Newspaper. South” № 03(497) dated 13.02.18 – “Promptitude, quality and availability: construction technologies required today”

During the soviet period everything was very cheap, almost free-of-charge, while nowadays it turned to be expensive and unavailable. That is why constructors today tend to choose such type of a foundation that is reliable and not expensive. Let’s try to find out all the difficulties a construction company can face when choosing the foundation. The pile foundation proved to be reliable during the soviet period, and is still being used. But its application in coarsely-clastic and rocky soils, as well as in the sites adjacent to the existing building area significantly increases the expenses on construction, or makes construction even impossible.

LLC “GEOSTROY HOLDING” provides a new innovative solution to the task of soil reinforcement of foundations by the method of pressure injection cementation. This method provides considerable cost savings, high quality of works in compliance with the design documentation and technical regulations, and reduction of construction period, as cementation is performed along with the erection of the solid-cast building frame.


Boreholes are drilled by small-size drilling rigs in order to deepen injectors to the design elevation. Deepened nonrecoverable injectors serve as elements of vertical reinforcement of the soil mass. Soil compaction in this process is achieved by injection of design amount of compacting grout, usually cement-based, into the soil according to a specific estimated scheme with the account of the geological structure and soil properties. Within the radius range of 1-2 m from the injector the grout fills up all voids, fractures and cavities, and compacts loose soil under pressure thus creating inclusions of cement stone. Through this soil reinforcement method by cementation the congealed cement grout and the steel injector together create a reinforcing frame. The injector itself serves a load-bearing element.

The pressure injection cementation method has a major advantage over the other reinforcement methods as it can be applied in all types of disperse soils, both of natural composition (sands, loams, sandy loams and clays) and artificial origin (backfill, filled-up, etc.). Presence of ground waters and water content do not prevent this method from being applied.

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